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Who we are:

Lambeth Trades Council (or Lambeth Trade Union Council) comprises affiliates from across the borough with branches from both ther private sector and the public sector - large and small. At present we represent about 6,000 workers and we are growing.

Lambeth TUC may be contacted : LTUC Secretary, 1st Floor, International House, Trades Union Office, Canterbury Crescent, Brixton, SW9 7QW

You can reach us by email

Affiliated Local Trade Unions

Our Officers:

Susan Matthews, Secretary (UNITE)

Sara Tomlinson (NUT) Chair

Next LTUC delegates meeting:

Monday July 27th

Vida Walsh Centre

2b Saltoun Road, SW2 1EP

6.00PM - 8PM

Affiliated Unions

Lambeth Trade Union Council is committed to fight all cuts. We do not accept that there are 'fairer cuts', 'slower cuts' or that austerity is an answer to the economic crisis.
The economic crisis including the impending triple dip recession is not due to overspending. It is due to the failure of the banks to invest in the economy, holding back huge reserves because profitability is not great enough for their purposes
The result of their greed and a government that totally supports them, lying about the causes of the recession is that the poorest 10% are paying to ensure that the living standards of the top 10% continue to rise
We support all campaigns of trade unions and the community to preserve benefits, services and jobs. Whether it is opposition to library closures, bedroom tax or cuts in housing benefit.
Austerity attacks disproportionately - not just the poorest, but those groups in society that are more vulnerable. In particular black people, disabled people. Women arer asked to bear the brunt. There is also much evidence that people from the LGBT community are affected disproportionately (partly with housing entitlement, partly because of being employed more readily in public sector)
Whereas we recognise that usually these campaigns will be led by individual trade unions or by community organisations, we wish to see ourselves very much part of the fight back - both locally and nationally.

The People's Assembly in June has led to the emergence of popular assemblies throughout Britain opposed to Tory austerity and making clear that we do not accept that a future Labour government can carry on in the same fashion. For more details of local campaign, click here

Morning Star

Lambeth Trades Council has long standing policy of support for the Morning Star as a paper that supports trade unionists.

There is a local readers group. For details, email here or tel: 07858 261354 (Anton)

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